Affordable Wholesale

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Affordable Wholesale specialise in designing and constructing affordable and high-quality residential homes for families, individuals and investors. Affordable Wholesale is part of the Delstrat Group, a Western Australian-owned and operated company that has constructed over 10,000 quality new homes for their valued customers since 2005. As an investor, you can trust that Affordable Wholesale will deliver a quality home that will last the journey.  In fact every Affordable Wholesale home comes with a 25 Year Structural Warranty.

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Our Vision

At Affordable Wholesale, our vision is to redefine the standard of affordable housing by delivering expertly designed and meticulously constructed residential homes that cater to the diverse needs of families, individuals, and investors alike. We are committed to making dream homes a reality, ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality, well-crafted residences that meet their aspirations and financial means.

Why we exist

At Affordable Wholesale, our very existence is rooted in an unwavering commitment to excellence. We exist to set new industry standards, continually striving for the highest level of specifications and construction quality. This drive for excellence has not only earned us the honour of being multiple-time winners of prestigious WA Builder Awards but also fuels our core purpose. We exist to transform the dreams of families, individuals, and investors into reality, by providing them with exceptionally crafted, affordable homes.

Our Portfolio