Seacrest Homes

From concept to completion, founded with the aim to maximise the potential of every clients site with a focus on outstanding design, unparalleled finish and a total commitment to meeting our client’s needs. Seacrest Homes has long been recognised as an industry leader in the luxury home building market in Perth, Western Australia. Our unrelenting pursuit of attention to detail is without compromise.

Seacrest Homes have made the dreams of intending home owners a reality through our creative designs and planning and construction expertise. Our excellence in quality has been consistently recognised with numerous awards from both the Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

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Our Vision

Tailored designs
Achieve the ultimate personalised solutions for a home that will reward you for decades to come

Ultimate quality
Providing industry-leading project management from concept to completion and beyond

Attention to detail
Our exceptionally qualified team are here to manage your custom design and build requirements

Why we exist

Investing in a Seacrest Home benefits you both directly and for many years to come. Having a quality custom built home is reward in itself, but the true testament is the creation of a home that maintains it’s lustre, soundness of construction and market value well into the future. A custom built Seacrest Home is a complete, no compromise, tailored solution, from the ground up.

Our Portfolio