Devplex is a design & construct building company whose primary focus is on providing total development solutions for the property development sector. Our team of experienced professionals coupled with an abundance of knowledge and expertise provide great benefits for any developer, from novice to seasoned professional.

Devplex’s pedigree is assured as part of the Delstrat group of companies who are a highly respected, family owned and operated organisation. Providing industry leading innovation and quality across all aspects of residential & commercial construction in Western Australia over the past 30 years.

Regularly ranked in WA’s top 5 builders with award-winning brands ranging from the up-market luxury custom homes, multi-unit apartment and townhouse developments, right through to the first homebuyer. Also incorporating an extensive and diverse construction network, the Delstrat Group takes vertical integration to the next level. Their embrace of this business strategy has ensured a seamless supply chain of products, services and quality control unmatched by their competitors.

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Our Vision

At Devplex, our vision is founded on a profound understanding of the development process. We aim to be your strategic partner in every sense, offering the guidance, oversight, and expertise needed to transform your investment aspirations into successful realities.

We envision a future where every project is not just built but meticulously executed, reflecting the trust our clients place in us. Our commitment is to be the driving force behind your investment goals, ensuring that each venture is not only realised but surpassed with excellence.

Why we exist

Our primary focus is to deliver end-to-end services that cater to the specific needs of property developers. We are committed to transforming visions into reality, ensuring that every project is not just built but meticulously crafted with a keen eye for design and construct excellence.

Devplex is your partner in bringing your property development dreams to life, making us a trusted name in the industry for comprehensive and tailored solutions.

Our Portfolio